Cholito $140 (Roasted pineapple, mezcal, rosemary)

Gin Mate $110 (Argentinian mate, gin, yellow lemon)

Margarita $120 (Tequila, controy, lemon and salt)

Daily Margarita $140 (Ask for our daily ingredients)

Cocktail of the day $140 (Ask for our daily ingredients)

Strawberry colada $120


House Beer $50
Dos equis lager, Tecate and Tecate light, Indio

National Beer $55
Bohemia clara, Bohemia obscura, Ultra

Imported $65
Heineken, Miller, Coors light

Crafted $120
Helium Pilsner, Perro de Mar IPA, Vaquita Pale Ale


Red Wine $150

White Wine $150

Aperol Peach $160



Espuma de mar brut MEXICO $115 glass $450 bottle

Cosecha especial Norton rosé ARGENTINA $700


Isla Negra Sauvignon Blanc CHILE $95 glass $390 bottle

Lomita Sauvignon Blanc MEXICO $160 glass $650 bottle

Pedroncelli Chardonnay USA $840

Tantehue Chardonnay CHILE $115 glass $430 bottle

Terrazas de los Andes Torrontés ARGENTINA $950

Zuccardi “Q” Chardonnay ARGENTINA $1125

Calera Chardonnay USA $1650

HESS Chardonnay USA $1250


Decoy USA $850

Corona del valle MEXICO $810


Isla Negra CHILE $95 glass $390 bottle

Lomita Cabernet Sauvignon MEXICO $185 glass $750 bottle

Piccolo Cabernet Sauvignon-Tempranillo MEXICO $980 bottle

Vida Organica Malbec ARGENTINA $220 glass $850 bottle

Gran caballero de la cepa Blend ARGENTINA $990

Terrazas de los Andes Malbec Reserva ARGENTINA $1500

Seaglass Pinot Noir USA $970

Megacero Blend MEXICO $1200

Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon USA $1050

Napa cellars Cabernet Sauvignon USA $1350

Altos las hormigas Malbec ARGENTINA $1500