• Family Style Options

Only 2 of us $300 (2x Choripanes Porteños, 2x Salads, 2x House beer)

Tri-nations $465 (3x Empanadas mix, 6x Tacos mix, 2x Patacones, 2x House beer)

STEAK&WINE $690 (2x Arepas, 1x Top Sirloin, 1x Salad, 1x Bottle of house wine)

  • Appetizers (each)

Turnovers $45 (Angus beef// Corn & Cream)

Arepas $60 (Chicken avocado// Pork crackling// Corn smut)

Tacos $45 (Octopus & Pork crackling// Vegetarian// Shrimp// Sweet bread)

Bone marrow with Chimichurri $140

Patacones $120 (Fried plantain with beans, pico de gallo, cheese and avocado)

Guacamole with Rib Eye’s chicharrón $120

Grilled watermelon sashimi $140

Octopus ceviche $190

  • Choripanes
    (Argentinian chorizo in a bun)

Porteño $120 (Clásico)

Lagunilla $130 (guacamole, chile and caramelized onions)

Cubano $140 (ham, cheese and pickles)

  • Salads

Beets, fennel, goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette $120

Organic lettuce, celery, cranberry, green apple, cucumber, amaranth, agave honey $120

Potato, egg, mayo $100

  • Mains (all served with potato and green salad)

Peruvian Organic Chicken $350

Baja’s Rosemary Grilled Octopus $380

Argentinian Flap Meat Steak $370

Top Sirloin Steak (Picanha) $340

Pineapple & Habanero Pork Ribs $320

  • Dessert

Gelato $90
Check on our daily flavors

Milk Caramel Crepes $120

Rhum Caramelized Plantain Flambé $110

Ice Cream Sandwich $105

Chocolate Volcano $150

Argentinian alfajores  $120